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The Reprisal Kayak

This is the most exciting product offering in the outdoor sports industry. The Reprisal is a unique, versatile watercraft that accommodates all types of kayakers, but more importantly, the Reprisal is the first of many products in the Osiris Outdoor catalog. A catalog that will disrupt the plastic industry's excessive production of virgin plastics and lead the charge for outdoor sports equipment to be made entirely from recycled plastics. The Reprisal is a no frills,  extremely durable, and extremely versatile kayak. Built entirely from plastics that would otherwise enter the waste stream, the Reprisal is a champion of things to come in outdoor sports.

Combination Port side and Top down view of the Reprisal Kayak
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This product is made solely out of post consumer recycled plastics. No new (aka "virgin") plastics were generated to produce this kayak.

Plastic Problem
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Rigorously tested, our special blend of recycled #2 plastics is proven to be as durable as any virgin plastic composition.

Durable Products


Storage is plentiful in this ultra-modern design. The impressive five storage compartments give riders the ability to easily embark on full day excursions.

Help Us Curb The Overproduction Of Plastics

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Osiris Outdoor

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Common Sense. Sensational Quality. Uncompromising Ethics.
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Osiris Outdoor was founded by Wes Smith and Robert Turner in North Carolina with the aim to set a new standard for how outdoor sporting equipment was manufactured in the U.S. Osiris Outdoor is the first and only company in the U.S. devoted to developing products made entirely from recycled plastics. The plastics are all sourced exclusively from U.S. recycling facilities. Each product produced bolsters the U.S. recycling industry, has a direct impact on keeping public lands and natural environments free of plastic waste, strengthens the sustainable manufacturing sector, and reduces virgin plastic overproduction. Osiris Outdoor understands that sacrificing integrity and ethics for short term profitability is not a winning recipe and is committed to creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

A Look inside our name


Osiris is the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, resurrection, life, and vegetation. A suitable namesake for our "resurrected" plastics and eco-minded products.
Osiris Outdoor pushes the boundaries of a plastic afterlife, resurrecting discarded plastics to form highly durable outdoor sporting goods. Our eco-friendly, common sense approach to product development puts highly durable outdoor sports equipment into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts while keeping unwanted plastic waste from entering natural environments.

The Plastic Problem

Exposing The Myth Of Recycling

Plastics aren't the enemy. The overproduction of plastics, however, has certainly become a problem. Plastics freed us from the limits of nature. Created as a substitute for ivory, they had an immediate and profound impact on our world, helping both people and the environment. The focus on their worldly impact, however, has shifted drastically over the years, and the systems we assumed to be in place to mitigate the problems are being revealed as a farce. Let's break down the issue and expose the reality.

Cartoon Icon juxtaposes a plastic bottle and a single US dollar symbol depicting that virgin plastic is cheap to produce

Plastic Is Cheap

It is currently cheaper to buy virgin plastics than it is to reuse plastics that have already been manufactured. Virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET), for instance, costs 50% less than recycled PET.
Many colorful cartoon plastic bottles indicate that plastic is plentiful

Plastic Is Plentiful

Malleable, resistant, and cheap, plastic is the perfect material to produce consumer goods. In fact, a total of 8.3 billion metric tons have been produced. That insane amount of plastic will take over 1000 years to decompose in landfills. Why make more?
Green Recycling Symbol overlaid by text reading "TRASH"

Plastic isN't Really "Recycled"

If it were, we wouldn't have 5 billion metric tons of plastic in our waste stream and environment. In fact, only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. That means less than one in every ten items you recycle is actually recycled. The rest is thrown away or shipped to other countries who will dispose of it for us.
A cartoon depiction of a plastic bottle in a trash can depicting that plastic is often thrown away instead of recycled

Plastic Is Wasted

Did we mention plastics take more than 1000 years to decompose? Yet, we throw plastics away as readily as we throw away spoiled produce. 5 billion metric tons of plastic has ended up in either a landfill or our natural environment, never to be used again.
Cartoon depiction of "Big Plastic" controlling the recycling industry

Big Plastic Has Controlled The recycling Narrative

Recycling ads have been paid for by the plastic industry for the last thirty years. The recycling message has been controlled by companies like Exxon, Chevron, Dow, and Dupont. The public had no idea their recycling efforts weren't actually solving the problem. The message always conveyed the benefits, but never the actual results.
Cartoon USD symbols placed over a green recycling symbol

recycled Plastic Isn't Cheap

Picking up, sorting out, and melting down plastics is costly. The process would have to become much more efficient for a business to supply recycled plastics at a rate that is competitive with virgin plastics. It's either that, or the demand for recycled products would have to become too great for businesses to ignore.
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Recycling plastics isn't a myth. It can happen, and does. The idea that it's actually occurring to the extent we all assume when we fill up our bins at home, however, is comical. For businesses it doesn't make as much sense in the short term to purchase recycled plastics. They cost too much. Profit margins are far better for companies who manufacture products using virgin plastics. As a result, the demand simply isn't there to stimulate a market for recycling and the plastics we recycle are destined to be nothing more than trash.

After all, what type of business intends to purposeful decrease profit margins?

Well...we do.

Osiris Outdoor products are made entirely from recycled plastics. Recycled plastics will be the only resource we use and we will push endlessly for more sustainable plastic production. Our profit margins will be less than most equipment manufacturers in the short term, but we believe in the future of recycling. Our bet is... being the first company to use recycled materials exclusively will pay off.

Help Us Curb The Overproduction Of Plastics

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